There are so many ways to avoid paying the 520 tolls that commuters are at a loss for the best way to go. I mean you have choices like telecommuting, van pools, car pools and buses; which is the best choice for your situation and location?

Fortunately location transportation agencies have developed a new website that is just for weary 520 commuters and it is packed with useful information that should answer all your questions and more. You’ll have information like the following at your fingertips:

1.  A list of bus routes, both Sound Transit and Metro that take commuters to both sides of the like

2.  How to join a van pool or put one together yourself (Registered van pools don’t have to pay tolls).

3.  A great map of all the Eastside park and rides around 520 along with information about how many spaces are in each and
when they are typically full. A plus with Eastside park and ride’s are that they’re free!

4.  Advice on telecommuting and cutting your transportation costs.

5. Everything first time bus riders should know to make their commute easy.

Keep this website address handy if you’re going to be travelling 520. It can be a real time and frustration saver!